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ಜನವರಿ 20, 2009

Kartheen on ‘Clinic’

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very good blog..

liked the variety and presentation.

especially the way you have put up “why this blog”.

keep it up.


ಜನವರಿ 19, 2009

UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize

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UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize

Region: Global

Deadline January 31, 2009

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
(UNESCO) invites member states, regional and international
organisations, and professional and non-governmental organisations
working in the field of journalism and freedom of expression to
nominate candidates for the UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize.

The US$25,000 award honours a journalist or organisation that has made
a notable contribution to the defence and promotion of press freedom
anywhere in the world, especially if this involved risk. The prize is
awarded every year on World Press Freedom Day.

Organisations can nominate a maximum of three candidates.
Self-nominations are not accepted.

The deadline for application is January 31 2009.




Programme for Freedom of Expression, Democracy and Peace
1, rue Miollis, 7573
Cedex 15

Tel: 33 1 45 68 42 12
Fax: 33 1 45 68 55 84
UNESCO Communication and Information website:
s.coudray@unesco. org

http://www.comminit .com/en/node/ 266198

From Dr I Arul Aram

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International Media Studies – Master’s Programme Scholarship
Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, South Asia, South East and East Asia Deadline Date
The International Media Studies Master’s Programme is a 4-semester, full-time programme for further education. The programme combines topics like media and development, journalism, communication science, and media economics, while developing practical media skills and competencies. It is a joint project from the University of Bonn, the Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, and Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster with its headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The bilingual German and English Master’s Programme plans to award full scholarships to 15 applicants from Africa, Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe.
The deadline for application is May 31 2009.
Application Information
Dr. Christoph SchmidtHead, Academic Department/ Head, AdministrationDeuts che WelleDW-AKADEMIE
Bonn53110GermanyTel : 49 228 429 3503 
Fax: 49 228 429 3520 
International Media Studies Master’s Programme websiteDW-AKADEMIEwebsiteChristoph. Schmidt@dw-
Dr I Arul Aram PhD, PDF (LSE)
Coordinator, Science & Technology Communication
Department of Media Sciences
Anna University
Chennai 600025
Office: 91-44- 64553733, 22351579
Home: 91-44-23614903

Why a Blog?

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